Essential Healthcare Products

Mission Statement

To generate substantial and sustainable socio-economic growth through the implementation of practical health solutions, innovative projects and key strategic partnerships.

Vision Statement

To build a legacy of outstanding stakeholder value through superior innovation that spans virtually across all healthcare disciplines.


Our effective impact on the Zimbabwean market clearly relates to our philosophy, which we strongly believe in quality, Innovation, Integrity, and Loyalty.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Essential Healthcare Private Limited has a commitment to support the education and health care needs of the less privileged members of society.

Our Strength

*Highly qualified, experienced, and committed personnel in various fields.

*We value quality and respect professionalism.

*Partnership with quality manufacturers.

*A strong capital base and sound financial management.


*Creating long-term legacies of business development and market leadership

*Establishing a leading brand to which stakeholders will attach value

*Delivering tangible benefits to all stakeholders

*Contributing to global efforts to revitalize the healthcare industry

After Sale Services for Medical Devices

 We offer quality and efficient technical support and after sales service to our customers.

 We offer advice on what to purchase as per data supplied by the customer.

 We provide advance planning on the location to install equipment and advice on where and how to store and maintain equipment. (site planning)

 We offer Installations, testing, and commissioning of equipment and training of the users. Our maintenance team enables us to install, test and commission all types of medical equipment.

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